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Festival Mirabilia

Support to French "Intermittents du Spectacle"

1908328 811616252205547 6908383259678943499 nMirabilia Festival and the IdeAgorà Association supports the protest movement against the new French law on work intermittecy and social security, which if signed, would cause massive damage to the cultural sector in France and Europe

The live show represents 3.2% of French GDP, € 104.500.000.000 in total (7 times more than the automobile industry!) and 670.000 direct jobs, culture is a strategic sector not only for the French economy but also for the cooperation and economy of Europe. French excellence in the cultural field is based on laws that are taken as a model in many EU countries, and which have proved particularly effective and functional for the development of the cultural sector.

We are therefore particularly concerned that laws about temporary employment and related systems that contain fundamental values of solidarity and social justice could be deleted at once, laws that if dropped drastically  without a dialogue with the categories concerned, would undermine the bases of operation of the live show in France, condamning probably this country to a degradation and to a rapid disintegration of the cultural sector, a sector which represents nowadays an excellence globally recognized  and fundamental basis of European cooperation.

As festivals and as an association, we invite the French Labour Minister Mr. François Rebsamen to evaluate carefully an agreement which undermines the values that have always distinguished France, taking in account also the importance of French Culture sector both in terms of image than in therms of economic income and international cooperation, and we reiterate our preoccupation for the events that led to the partial or total cancellation of many French festivals, with its huge economic damage and lackl of dissemination of new creations abroad.

Condemned to change

Fabrizio Gavosto, direttore artistico del Festival Mirabilia, insieme a Joe Mackintosh direttore artistico di Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts, e a Pierre Sauvageot direttore di Lieux publics - National Creation Center in Marseille, sarà uno dei relatori di Condemned to change, un meeting di settore organizzato per il 4 luglio a CC d'Alès nell'ambito di Cratère surfaces 2014, il primo festival dedicato alle arts de la rue in Languedoc- Roussillon.

Arts de la Rue - Instants de rue - Cratère...di ZoomLaRue

In 80.000 al festival

Si è conclusa anche l’ottava edizione di Mirabilia International Circus and Performing Arts Festival a Fossano e Savigliano: un grande successo caratterizzato da una programmazione di livello altissimo, nella quale ha funzionato benissimo – ancora una volta – l’alchimia fra la programmazione degli spettacoli a pagamento e l’invasione delle strade della ricchissima programmazione gratuita. Sono state 19, fra le due città, le sedi di spettacolo: nel fine settimana gli spettacoli a pagamento sono andati sempre sold out e si stimano in 80.000, nel totale, le presenze a Fossano e Savigliano nei cinque giorni di programmazione per oltre 5000 biglietti venduti.
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