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La Pli i Donn

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In Creole from Réunion, “La Pli I donn” means “raining sideways.”
La Pli I donn is born from the experience made traveling and touring which the company has organized in India, Madagascar and South Africa over the past two years.
A rich text full of details, this project is inspired by the desire to discuss about La Réunion, developing an intercultural dialogue about the diversity of this area of the Indian Ocean. The show brings together acrobats from Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa and their influences are rich and distinct.

For this creation, the company wanted to avoid clichés: an island full of different influences, watered by the torrential summer rains of the southern hemisphere, traditional folk practices and its relationship to the land.
A multidisciplinary show, La Pli I donn combines circus performances with music, visual and sound suggestions, multilingual texts, traditional and hybrid dances that are born by oral transmission, addressing the ecological question.
The show integrates each performer (aerial and ground acrobatics, to stage a mortuary ceremony of Madagascar, the Famadihana).
Staging is signed by Christophe Rulhes of GdRA, performer, musician and ethnologist , known for he’s talk about interculturalism, his artistic work on the human bond with the territories.

Cirquons Flex is supported by DAC – océan Indien/ Ministère de la culture et de la communication.
Cirquons Flex is born in La Réunion in October 2007 from the encounter between two artists: Virginie Le Flaouter (École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal) e Vincent Maillot (self-taught artist). Together they have found a common direction, a shared idea of circus and gradually lay the foundation for an artistic universe in which the music and the encounter between multiple disciplines play a key role.
Since 2011 and the creation of their third show, “An Dobout Bout”, the company inaugurated a cycle dedicated to research and the creation of an artistic circus language de La Réunion.

02 July 2016

Saturday at 21:00 > 70' /15,00

Teatro Milanollo Savigliano

03 July 2016

Sunday at 21:15 > 70' /15,00

Teatro Milanollo Savigliano

La Pli i Donn

italian premiere

By Virginie Le Flaouter
Artistic direction Virginie Le Flaouter e Vincent Maillot
Staging Christophe Rulhes / le GdRA
Text Cirquons Flex and Christophe Rulhes
Fonnkèr text Tinn tout / Danyel Waro / Cobalt
With Vincent Maillot e Virginie Le Flaouter (Réunion), Lizo James (Afrique
du sud), Maheriniaina Pierre Ranaivoson (Madagascar)
Light design and direction Germinale Bejean « Gazy »
Sound, light and music Johan Barruel, Cédric Corrieri
Video Lætitia Fourcaud, Romain Philippon
Technical and artistic support Julien Cassier / le GdRA

length 70'
language italian subtitle
recommended +14 years
genre Circus

Production : Cirquons flex, compagnie conventionnée par la DAC – océan Indien / Ministère de la culture et de la communication et la ville de Saint-Denis. Co-production : Cie Archaos (CREAC de Marseille), Le Séchoir, Cité du cirque Marcel Marceau, CIRCA, Le GdRA, compagnia convenzionata dalla DAC Midi-Pyrénées, la Région Midi-Pyrénées et la ville de Toulouse. Support by: DGCA, DAC-Océan Indien, Région Réunion, Conseil Général de La Réunion, Ville de Saint-Denis, Fonds d’aides aux échanges artistiques et culturels de l’outre-mer, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM. Partners : Ecole Chapito Metisy cie l’Aléa des Possibles (Madagascar), Zip Zap Circus School (Afrique du Sud), Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de la Réunion, Théâtre Les Bambous.

Cie.Cirquons Flex - La Pli i donn - ph Ian Grandjean
Cie.Cirquons Flex - La Pli i donn - ph Ian Grandjean
Résidence de création à Saint-Benoit / Cie.Cirquons Flex - La pli i donn - ph Romain Philippon
Résidence de création à Saint-Benoit / Cie.Cirquons Flex - La pli i donn - ph Romain Philippon
Cie.Cirquons Flex - La Pli i donn - ph Ian Grandjean
Cie.Cirquons Flex - La Pli i donn - ph Ian Grandjean