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Mama/Papa Carnaval


Focus La Francia in Scena

Two men and two women create separately their duos to get together again later on. Due to the shok of their meeting they’re forced to reinvent a new performance mixing music, dance, and theatre.
Get separated to meet again better later!

A new method to renew the creative process.
Jur Domingo worked with Marta Torrents, Lido of Toulouse former student.
Julien Vittecoq choosed Claudio Stellato.

Cridacompany is a French-Catalan circus company born in Toulouse in 2006, after the meeting at the Lido (center of circus arts of Toulouse) between Jur Domingo Escofet and Julien Vittecoq, directors and choreographers. From Sweden to Mexico, across the African continent, they offer strange and strong performances, where the virtuosity feeds the invention of a new language between circus and dance, between singing and performance.
They work on obstacles and deformation, bringing out situations and characters filled with a bewildering humor. On stage, playing with the body and its potential. In a bare style, leaving space for emotions, from the lightest to the most disturbing.

09 July 2016

Saturday at 10:00 > 20' /2,00

Chapiteau Foro Boario Fossano

Mama/Papa Carnaval

staging Julien Vittecoq
with and by Jur Domingo, Claudio Stellato, Marta Torrents, Julien Vittecoq
production manager Flore Vitel
production Cridacompany

length 20'
language show without words
recommended for all
genre Circus

Cridacompany - Mama/Papa Carnaval
Cridacompany - Mama/Papa Carnaval