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Jusqu'au Made In

IN Program

Focus La Francia in Scena

Come on, finish your food, till there is only the truth left.
Today, we will escape from reality, for us and for you. We will fly over the ground to the rhythm of more or less dangerous jumps. Our intimacy will explode, we will forget the fear of void, we will laugh till crying, screaming from our hearts, pushing our bodies to the limits…

Till MADE IN is an hybrid form, 1 hour and a half long, performed by a grup of artists coming from all around the world, 15 universes, 15 circus disciplines. It’s a cocktail of movements, emotions, esthetics and strong feelings. It’s chinese pole, juggling, aerial acrobatics, contortionism, acrobatics and a lot of imagination.

To go where?

To go till MADE IN, a truth hidden inside of you, a shaky force, a fragile magic, melted in 15 different truths, served on a big plate all of you can enjoy till it’s empty and you will be full. The only thing you will be left with will be the spicy and unexpected taste of 15 exposed bodies.

The only thing you will be left with will be what’s hidden.


The Lido has been offering professional training in the circus arts since 1988. It
receives support from the Municipality of Toulouse, the Midi-Pyrénées Region and
the DRAC (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs) and asserts its international vocation
in hosting students from abroad.

The pedagogical approach adopted by the School is resolutely to serve the artist,
searching always for a signature and artistic authenticity. This is based on circus
techniques but also takes in theatre, dance, music and other artistic forms so as to
allow the artists to nourish their creative projects, though without setting aside
the essential circus performance. The Lido seeks to further a personal approach and
the quest for a body language specific to the circus player.

At the end of a two-year training process, the Lido offers to accompany young
artists through to their professional integration, then help them finalise their creative project (Studio de Toulouse – PACT).

08 July 2016

Friday at 22:15 > 75' / free entry

Cortile Calvino Fossano map 6

09 July 2016

Saturday at 23:00 > 75' / free entry

Cortile Calvino Fossano map 6

Jusqu'au Made In

by and with Lucia Nin, Idriss Roca, Hanna de Vletter, Mounâ Nemri, Ana Maíra Favacho, Cochise Leberre, Pablo Molina, Dolores Calvi, Florencia Buzzo, Yuri Yamamura, Charlotte Le May, Amanda Alves, Raphaël Milland, Edgar Ramos

length 75'
language multilingual
recommended for all
genre Circus

École Le Lido - Jusqu'au Made In
École Le Lido - Jusqu'au Made In
École Le Lido - Jusqu'au Made In
École Le Lido - Jusqu'au Made In
École Le Lido - Jusqu'au Made In