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Three clown-soldiers, veterans of all wars of history, who arrive in our streets, on the stages of our theaters, everywhere there is someone who is waiting for them, to raise a monument to the fallen of every war and remember how much stupidity there has been in history.
Between classic gags and surprising, misunderstandings and betrayals, looking with our eyes ever the naivety of the clown and the weakness of man, to laugh of both in a show and to reconsider returning home, perhaps in front of the tv and usual TG.

Eccentrici Dadarò company born in 1997 from a desire to in-stability. Stability in an attempt to give substance and continuity to a project; in-stability in the choice to maintain an absolute freedom of expressive experimentation, trying not to settle linguistically and stylistically on what previously reached. This very element of heterogeneity has allowed the realization of artistic projects intended to types of different public and proposed with distinct languages.

Eccentrici Dadarò - Operativi! - ph Massimo Allegri - Festival Mirabilia 2018
Eccentrici Dadarò - Operativi!
Eccentrici Dadarò - Operativi! - ph Paulo Homen de Melo - Festival Mirabilia 2018
Eccentrici Dadarò - Operativi!
OperativiEccentrici Dadarò - Operativi! - Festival Mirabilia 20181
OperativiEccentrici Dadarò - Operativi!