Andrea Costanzo Martini / Balletto Teatro di Roma /IT


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A beginning, a meeting. A journey through a thousand ways of being a dancing body: animal, delicate, explosive, sophisticated, mathematical, exposed, vulnerable, but above all alive. An adventure for four young dancers at the beginning of their journey. Pure desire and passion for movement.

The most important Italian dance troupe debuts for the first time at Mirabilia with a short format that will be developed in the next edition.

25 June 2019

Tuesday at 20:00 > 20' /4€

Chapiteau Fratelli Mariano Busca


by Andrea Costanzo Martini
with Paolo Barbonaglia, Lorenzo Castelletta, Mateo Mirdita, Riccardo Ciarpella
Maitre Roberta De Simone
Prove d’Autore XL – azione del network Anticorpi XL

length 20'
recommended for all
genre Contemporary dance