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The Workshop

The DANCER must give himself to the different movements and let them inhabit his body without “censorship” to avoid any limit in the process of creation, opening up to a new space of discovery. In our body there is a memory that is often our greatest resource, otherwise can also be a limit in which we repeat ourselves, so we need to open new routes.

There is a first “valid” impulse, a path that gives us a comfortable space for expression. A second one, as a door to a new discovery, is probably more uncomfortable and disconcerting. The different archetypal characters, the animality, the qualities of the movement and their being in the body help to enrich and bring us closer to plurality, thus enhancing the wealth of the interpreter. We will rely on contemporary dance and African dances.

Roberto Torres

In 1981 begins his studies of Dramatic Art in La Casona, Barcelona and is linked to the world of dance, performing courses of various body techniques: body language, pilates, classical, taichi, yoga, acrobatics, flamenco, dance butoh, aikido, biodanza, etc. Contemporary Dance is a fundamental pillar in this process. In 1.991 he created The UKANKA Company and obtained the “Young Creativity Award” by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, for the show “NAMU”. In 2000 he created the Nomad Company, highlighting the shows: Journey to Dreams, Homo, Intramuros, Landscapes of Memory, Running through the air among others, with numerous national and international tours. This company has a wide national and international projection, visiting festivals in 19 countries. Daniel Abreu, Carmen Werner, and Roberto Torres have maintained a close artistic and professional relationship for years, with physical proximity and ideas in the creation of both pedagogical activities and work for the scene. Between Abreu and Torres, two of the shows of the company The Clogs go towards their good habits and Tabula Rasa. For his part, Werner has directed the piece Para Regalo and the collaboration between the Provisional Dance and Nomad Companies has arisen giving as fruit the piece Once more.

The latest creation of the Compañía Nómada is “Dulces beasts”, which has the support of the Island Center of Performing Arts of the Cabildo de Tenerife and will have the Italian premier on the 28th of June at Festival Mirabilia in Fossano (CN).


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27 June 2019

Thursday at 11:00 > 14:00 / free entry

Sala Danza del Comune Busca



The workshop has a duration of 3 hours and is open to a maximum of 12 active participants, working with Roberto and 20 auditors who will observe the work (without being able to act)

Workshop participants will be entitled of
– 30% discount on the “Dulces Bestias” show
– 30% discount at the Circocamping for overnight stay

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