CALL for PerformigLands 2020 – Artistic Residency Program

Mirabilia Live

for 2 artistic residences, with co-production and total support up to € 10000, with hospitality, tutoring and possible support for dissemination

The PerformingLands artistic residence, recognized and supported by the Piedmont Region and MiBACT, by the Municipality of Busca and the Cassa di
Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, offers 2 residences to Italian and European artists and / or companies (who in any case see at least one Italian artist involved in the project) that are active in the field of theater, dance, contemporary circus in order to offer economic and logistical support for the experimentation and development of multidisciplinary projects with specific characteristics.

Who is it for?

There are two proposed residences, one for dedicated structures (Chapiteaux, tents, yurts, containers, etc.) and a site specific one, both
dedicated to artists and / or dance companies, circus, theater, performing arts etc.

The invitation aims to identify, host and co-finance at the PerformingLAnds artistic residence in Busca, individual artists or professional companies in the transdisciplinary field without age restrictions or geographical areas, limited to the European territory, but which see the direct involvement of at least one artist from Italian citizenship, with an INPS (ex ENPALS) or foreign certificate, A1, who has developed an original project for the creation of a show in which multiple disciplines meet and which acts and develops in one of the following areas, spaces, structures, places:

1) A residence for circus tents (“chapiteau”), or similar structures such as yurts (yurts), tents of various kinds and types or mobile confined spaces (containers, etc.) dedicated to contemporary circus, theater or dance projects equipped with own structure who want to experiment and develop artistic research with transdisciplinary contents in their own structure. Minimum period 15 days, maximum period up to 40 days. Economic endowment (co-production), travel and hospitality expenses coverage, from 3000 to 7000 depending on the number of artists involved and the needs of the project. Tutoring, mentoring, project analysis and development, development of the dissemination dossier, connection with other similar centers in Europe, artistic and dramaturgical accompaniment available and to be evaluated with the company / artist according to needs.
Residence in a well-equipped, dry and protected green area in the city center dedicated to and intended for circus tent residences in the Municipality of Busca. Area equipped with bathrooms, electrical and hydraulic connections, tree-lined area, bar in front, shed for storing materials (possibility to store the tent, yurt tent even for long periods).
2) A residence for site-specific projects to be carried out in rural areas, refuges, farmhouses, caves, railway museums (example), former industrial
areas, parks and lakes of castles (exampleexample) dedicated to dance, theater and circus projects that want to experiment and develop artistic research with transdisciplinary content in particular places with site-specific modality.

Minimum period 15 days also divisible. Economic endowment (co-production), travel and hospitality expenses coverage from € 1000 to € 4000.00 depending on the number of artists involved and the needs of the project.

Tutoring, mentoring, project analysis and development, development of the dissemination dossier, connection with other similar centers in Europe, artistic and dramaturgical accompaniment available and to be evaluated with the company / artist according to needs.

What type of residence?

Both residences are aimed at trans-disciplinary experimentation and creation of new languages in precisely “non-traditional” places, that is outside and beyond the theatrical rooms “Trans-disciplinary” means a work in which at least two artistic disciplines such as dance, theater, music, contemporary circus, visual art, video, etc. they contribute to the creation of an artistically organic and singular elaborate and
where these disciplines do not merely have a didactic function or coexist separately, but contaminate and dialogue with each other to explore that undefined area on the border and on horseback of different disciplines and to provide a basis for innovation on the national and European contemporary scene.

The residences can concern the development of a project in 2020 or they can also be multi-annual The residences can provide an open test and / or an action dedicated to the territory, or even experiment directly with the public according to the needs.

The public restitution is not an obligation or a requirement since the Artistic Residence is not intended as a place of representation or exchange but rather as a place of experimentation and research for artists.

The results of the residences may, if appropriate, be scheduled, disseminated or presented (also in video mode or as a moment of research or oral presentation or on stage) as finished results, work in progress or presentation in the program of the International Circus and Performing Biennial Arts MirabiliaBI-CAP 2020, BI-CAP 2022 or in the program “Waiting for the Biennale 2021 and / or 2023.

What to send in the application form?

The application for participation must be sent no later than midnight on Friday 21 February 2020 to the e-mail address: and must contain:

  • Artistic curriculum of the multidisciplinary company, its individual components and any musicians chosen to perform live music.
  • Information on previously produced artistic productions: short presentation dossiers of the shows, indication of any website and social pages, links to the full videos of the shows and their respective trailers.
  • Description of the artistic project to be developed during the residency period.
    The project must be original and not an adaptation of previous works, it must not have presented other stages of work or debuts or previews.
  • The presentation document must include the description which must be structured in such a way as to include: themes or dramaturgical nuclei of the project; elements that inspired it; artistic disciplines to be used; lines and timing of project development; indication of any producers, co-producers and partners for residences; scenic elements that you intend to use; type of spaces where the show can be presented; artistic cast; methods that are intended to be activated for the promotion of the show; indicative technical requests, even if summary. Remember that each artistic reality can participate in the tender by presenting only one project.

Selection of projects

Applications that respond fully to all requests contained in this announcement and sent by February 21, 2020 will be examined by a commission composed of the artistic and logistic staff of the residence and the artistic direction of the International Biennial MirabiliaBI-CAP Cuneo 2020.
The selected reality will be contacted directly by the end of February.
The selected reality must sign a contract in which it undertakes to:

  • carry out the entire agreed period of residence and always indicate in the credits of the show and on all the promotional materials that the logos and words relating to the support provided by the PerformingLands Artistic Residence project will be produced.
  • grant the processing of personal data and release for videos and photographs taken during the residency to be disclosed on the Social pages and on the websites of the Residenza Artistica PerformingLands project and related.
    Send the documentation to the email with the subject “Bando Residenze PerformingLands 2020 + (project name)”.

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