Quinta Parete > Open


To grow and engage the public, together

The “Quinta Parete> Open” is a proposal elaborated by the Associazione Giocolieri & Dintorni in collaboration with a network of schools and active educational circus festival in Piedmont and Liguria regions.

The project is part of “Progetto Quinta Parete”, becoming an integral part, and includes over 12 months of specific activities for the development and involvement of the public, as well as training of workers with basic skills audience development / engagement.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • increasing the active involvement of the public in the organizational and artistic processes;
  • monitoring of public participation in the communication and dissemination of the project partners’ activities;
  • increase awareness of cultural workers in new skills and new skills related audience engagement;
  • strengthening the network of educational circus schools;
  • increase the processing and dissemination of data collection tools for organizations engaged in audience engagement projects;
  • increase the processing and dissemination of replicable models of audience engagement that are innovative and experimental.

“Quinta Parete> Open” is a project co-founded by the Compagnia di San Paolo, in the OPEN 2016 notice, and by MIBACT within the three-year plan of FUS 2015/2017.