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Terre di Circo

Contemporary circus

project Terre di Circo

Laden Classe is a new young desecrating company following the path established by Subliminati Corporation.

They freely mix languages, disciplines and live music to punch the public and get their attention on the incongruences of our society, reinventing circus with freshness and irony.

The name Laden Classe comes from the washing machine one of the component banged his head against to. The washing machine is the metaphor of the mixture of arts proposed. The embryonic group was created in 2015 with the goal of join different personalities and life paths, mixing up arts and abilities: circus disciplines, martial arts, live music, juggling and dance.

12 March 2017
20 March 2017

Monday at 23:59 > 20' / free entry residency res2017

Chapiteau Foro Boario Fossano

04 May 2017
15 May 2017

Monday at 23:59 > 20' / free entry residency res2017

Spazio Zero Fossano

193 problemi

work in progress

by and with Leonardo Cristiani, Enrico Formaggi, Javier Varela Carrera and Lucia Granelli
In co-production with Scuola di Circo Flic, Festival CIRK FANTASTIK, Festival Mirabilia and Teatro Julio Cortazar
with the support of Estruch Fabrica de creatiò, NudoeCrudo Teatro, Espai de Circ Cronopis, La Central del Circ and Palafolli Teatro

length 20'
language multilingual
recommended for all
genre Contemporary circus