European Network Circus and Street Arts

Since 2003, Circostrada Network works to develop and structure the fields of Circus and Street Arts in Europe and beyond. With 84 members from 25 countries, it contributes to build a sustainable future for these sectors by empowering cultural players through the production of resources and actions of observation and research, professional exchanges, advocacy, capacity-building and information.

Circostrada Network is:

  • a platform to meet, exchange and develop projects;
  • an international forum to meet and reflect on the sustainable development of circus and street arts in a global environment;
  • a network engaged in a continuous dialogue trough tailored projects and meetings with stakeholders;
  • a laboratory to explore new topics, representative of the evolution of our fields in a changing environment;
  • a virtual European resource centre, accessible to all;
  • a network engaged in international cooperation.

Mirabilia this year has the honor of hosting Circostrada in Fossano from June 29th to July 1st!

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