Mirabilia 2016

Plan B for Utopia

La storia di Mirabilia


Ten years of meetings, projects, exhibitions, conferences, presentations… but above all ten years of live performances experienced together!

It’s easy to program shows during a very short period of time and call that a festival. Mirabilia is not just that: it is a festival. A multitude of events that take place simultaneously: artists, craftsmen, professionals, focus, public, staff … a huddle of life, a huddle of emotions … and how much effort, how many hours, how many nights every year , to get this machine running … and what a mirabiliosa wonder every time this machine is set in motion!

For a while we thought to program a very self commemorative edition, digging out the past. It would surely have been a more restful year. But we could not.
There will be some returns which will please many, especially us. However Mirabilia can’t replicate, or does it very little. Mirabilia is a multidisciplinary festival always looking for the most interesting and innovative proposals; not necessarily the most perfect, often works in progress or premieres or previews, however the force of a new creative idea fascinates us. The party is still a very important part of this festival, the strength of Mirabilia project is precisely this duality: a party and a festival merged into one big event.

A year of new and old opportunities, linked more and more to Europe.
This is the year of the Circus European Season, the Scotland dance and performing arts focus, the new French Scene focus.
Many research shows, programmed in protected and closed spaces, and open air shows to create a direct contact with the audience.
A 10th year Mirabilia edition: a large project sufficiently interesting and artistically challenging. Exhibitions and conferences, circus, dance, street theater, crafts and wines, circus camping, European projects, residencies and kaleidos… It’s Mirabilia international circus and performing arts festival!

“Plan B for Utopia”. What’s new this year? It’s a great, complex, multidisciplinary festival, where you can watch one show and lose 10 more. This year festival is very different from the past. The world has radically changed in the last 10 years. Values, manners, subjects seems pretty much the same. Thanks to Mirabilia contemporary circus is now a well known performing arts in Italy. New companies are travelling Europe, working and researching this art almost unknown few years ago. Artists stopped migrating and came back to Italy, thanks to Residenze Artistiche project supported by Ministero and Regioni.
However this world, this society are radically different. There is no expansion or growt, the crisis and decrease need to be seen as an opportunity to find new strategies and projects.
Plan B is searching for new ways, from sustainable mobility to territory and local collaboration.
A backup plan to fight the dystopia, to find a new path, a new quiet road, different from the one in the 90s. A festival similar to the past just on the surface, with new radically different goals.
A 10th edition to experience together, like an important stop in a long journey towards a new society yet to come.

Happy birthday Mirabilia!