Formazione FNAS 2016

Production and distribution manager #1


Artistic creation is very active in Italy, however artists (circus, dance and street arts) can’t easily become professionals. The creation support program started in 2016 it’s not sufficient. Production, distribution and administrative training is poor or missing at all.

FNAS, HANGAR PIEMONTE and Festival di Mirabillia offer a workshop to develop and to explore different professional expertise in performing arts in Italy.
The goal is to examine the European professional scene and to analyze some methodology elements.

Discovering production and distribution management in 4 different countries, building a flexible methodology and creating a project for the italian scene.

Day 1 (July 5 10.00-18.00)
Production and distribution in Europe. Introduction by Boris Vecchio.
With: Jérôme Planche, Ute Classen, Flavia Ceglie, Silvia Albanese.

  • How to choose a project
  • Relations with the artist and the project
  • When the mission starts
  • Indentifying your work area
  • Production apporach and distribution strategy
  • Work tools (database, budget, Google Calendar…)
  • Work remuneration (salary, percentage)
  • Who do you work with / partners / self-production
  • How to deal with a young company
  • The supporting structure of the project: a company, a production structure (internal/external)Day 2 (July 6 10.00-18.00)
    The work of the production manager in France and the italian approach. With: Jérôme Planche, Silvia Albanese.
  • Italian and french projects
  • Differences between administration, production, technical production and distribution
  • What to do before starting a project? Explaining your mission to the artist
  • Wich are the technical tools needed?
  • Building a strategy project for the italian scene
  • The italian perfoming arts scene
  • Development of a brief production project for the Italian scene

Next workshop Napoli, September 29/30 2016).

Day 3 (July 7 13.00-15.00)
Brunch Meeting in Fossano, direct contact with professionals and introduction to other similar opportunities. Conclusion: Boris Vecchio.

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07 July 2016

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Production and distribution manager #1

Training coordination FNAS 2016 Boris Vecchio
Workshop coordination Jérôme Planche
Teachers Flavia Ceglie, Silvia Albanese, Ute Classen

Italian, english and french
No translation

Free, maximum number of participants: 20

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