Daniele Ninarello /IT



In addressing the issue of identity, of how it changes and changes over time, I observe the body as a witness of tracks and signs that lead us to re-know each other as abstract figures and authentic, busy in the act of resist, and I imagine this act as a ritual. The intention is to investigate the theme of the passing of time in connection with the development of identity, photographing its continue dissolving and transform.

In this process it proves to be inspiring the work of Alberto Giacometti.

Individual identity and common is here understood as a precarious balance between solid and void, balance – unbalance, war – peace, an archive made of phisical memories that manifest themselves in the form of movement. Just like the figures of Giacometti which appear as a clot of materials / memories clinging to the central axis and constantly living in an undefined space and without references, a space that is vortex, where the performers share their action keeping on orientating.

08 July 2016

Friday at 12:00 > 10' /2,00

Ala (spazio A) Savigliano


Creation Daniele Ninarello
Dance Daniele Ninarello , Olimpia Fortuni, Valeria D’Amico
(performers to be defined)
Organization Silvia Limone

STILL è parte del progetto STILL Body Experience with Digital Brain realizzato con il sostegno della Compagnia di San Paolo nell’ambito del bando ORA!

length 10'
recommended for all
genre Dance

Production Codeduomo. With the support of Prospettiva Danza Teatro, Mosaico Danza / Festival Interplay, Grand Studio (BE), Armunia, Mirabilia International Circus & Performing Arts Festival, Bolzano Danza.  In collaboraction with Cubo Teatro Torino.