Mirabilia 2017

From the 27th of June to the 2nd of July - Fossano


Mirabilia 2017: the melting point between the great world circus and a 100% Piedmonts experience

From the 27th of June to the 2nd of July Mirabilia Festival comes back to Fossano.

For the 11th edition the staff proposes a menu which joins the best names of contemporary circus, street arts and dance at world level and a higher union with the territory: that Piedmont made of plain, hill and mountain lands full of flavours and knowledge.

The 2017 edition will be focused in Fossano, with short previews in poetic frames as Langhe and will see on stage international artists as the German Stefan Sing, the Japanese juggler Hisashi Watanabe, the French De Fracto and the Italian Circo Zoè.

In the dance field we will see the return of Daniele Ninarello, both with Kudoku, judged the best Italian dance performance in 2016, and with his new production Still. Another significant presence in the dance field is Tida Théâtre danse with the exhilarant Quintetto by Marco Chenevier.

Faber Teatro will return with the Grande Piano, expected after the success hade on the National RAI 1 TV and there will be the new show “Trentesimo” with a premiere in a totally unexpected contest: the prison of Fossano which will give strength to a message connected with the working precariousness which becomes a life precariousness.

The street will be full of surprises with the debut of TouchClown, ready for the occasion to interact with the field realities. TouchClown is just one of the news of the Festival that will reveal its surprises in the next months step by step.

Mirabilia 2017 will be the first Italian Festival to host a Circostrada meeting, the European network among operators, institutions and landmarks in the field of contemporary circus and street arts. In Fossano there will be a high number of international operators, offering to artists a unique showcase. There will be a Quinta Parete meeting, project co-financed by Compagnia di San Paolo focused on audience development and audience engagement, themes developed also in the ComunicaCirco workgroup for the second time in Fossano, unique opportunity to freely participate to a storytelling path which joins new competences in the social network field and the passion for circus.

The international contest is furthermore reinforced by Focus Ireland: Irish companies will arrive in Fossano and hey will perform in unusual and surprising contexts.

Also the social themes will be, as every year, dominating in Mirabilia: a name among all Daniel Romila, grown in the ranks of clown Miloud, founder of Parada, who made of the social circus a vocation,

Mirabilia 2017 will be a perfect mix of unusual locations, innovative shows, poetry, big names and absolute news… stay tuned!