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Focus Circo Italiano

The young performers of the second year’s prestigious italian circus school FLIC based in Torino are protagonists of a show directed by Roberto Magro who have them leaded and followed in an artistic research program started one year ago in Frisanco.

The performance is the result of an academic course of two years whose objective is learning how to think up, to create and to organise a show and what it allows to the students of being ready to enter in the world of the work.

Flic School of Circus is a centre for professional young circensian artists, it pursues a formation that reconciles the fundamental values of the athletic formation with the constant innovation research at pedagogical, artistic and technical level. The School of Circus puts itself as a reference point for the construction of a personal identity of the contemporary circus, therefore the school is constantly to the service of the own students trying to guess and to develop the potentialities and the ambitions of each one in the respect of the individual and of the collective work.


30 June 2018

Saturday oreat 21:00 > 80' 15 € /

Chapiteau Festival Busca


regia e coreografie Roberto Magro
performers Alvino Danilo, Binando Alice, Bruno Elia, Catelli Lasagni Vittorio, Cutrì Andrea, De Mattia Valentina, De Nardo Castillo Romina, Descloux Damien David, De Sosa Frilleri Daniela Alejandra, Facciolo Alessandro, Heege Torres Lucia, Manassero Daniele, Marchand Hugo, Marro Kim Camille Emilie, Montanari Caterina, Morard Chatagnier Manceau Elise, Petenzi Eloise, Planell Viladrich Laia, Rauzier Aimé, Schlein Concha Andres, Torrenzieri Luca, Zaccagnino Donatella

duratalength 80'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 15 €

FLIC - Alea
FLIC - Alea