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Dulces Bestias

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The company Nómada, founded in 2000, develops as a fundamental pillar to cross the barrier of spaces bringing contemporary dance to all types of audiences and in all kinds of spaces, in the search for better communication between artist and public.

Nómada is also a research platform, using theater and other artistic aspects to enrich its shows, under the shelter of the Victoria Theater of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, headquarters of the company, and from where exchanges with other creators visit this space.

29 June 2019

Saturday oreat 22:00 > 55' intero 15€ / ridotto 10€ /

Spazio Zero Fossano

Dulces Bestias

prima nazionale

Idea and Direction Roberto Torres
Choreography Paula Quintana, Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales y Roberto Torres
Interpreters Paula Quintana, Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales
Locker room Yaiza Pinillos
Felt making Svetlana Gromik
Tailor shop José Castro
Original music Composed and Interpreted Samuel Aguilar
Cello Miguel Jaubert
Tomtom Juan Javier Rodríguez
Image Joaquin Ponce De León
Illumination design Grace Morales
Produces Centro Insular de Artes Escénicas
Collaborate Teatro Victoria
Artistic residence Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera
Production Jesús Caramés y Marliuz Borges
Thanks Andres E. Fernández Hernández – Rayco Studio, Luca Lorenzo Sala, Carmen Werner, Jose Luis Rivero, Jean M. Jiménez Meca, y Leandro González

duratalength 55'
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Danza
bigliettoticket intero 15€ / ridotto 10€

Compañía Nómada - Dulces Bestias - ph Miguel Barreto
Compañía Nómada - Dulces Bestias - ph Miguel Barreto