Carpa Diem /IT

Doppio Zero

Programmazione IN


He is naive, absent-minded and dreamy, she is pure energy, speed and movement. Together they bake bread on a day that seems simple and normal, just like daily bread, but in reality is magical and surprising, just like the two of them. Tulli reads upside down suspended from a pole. Vroni rides a bicycle pedaling with his hands and driving with his feet. They are funny, tender and surreal, they knead with four hands and while they wait for the bread to rise and bake they give us a journey through time and feelings, accompanied by the songs of the ’50s, the radio reports and the desire to live that was felt in the years of reconstruction. DoppioZero takes the spectator by the hand and invites him to abandon himself to the gaze of childhood that finds its silent words in the contemporary circus.

02 September 2021

Thursday oreat 21:00 > 50' 5€ /

Cour du Festival Cuneo

Doppio Zero

by and with Circo Carpa Diem
external sight Fabrizio Rosselli
costume design Giulia Rossi
scenography Betti Cau
light design Dario Andreoli
coproduction Teatro Necessario

duratalength 50'
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Teatro di strada
bigliettoticket 5€