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Gino is a fragile creature, who lives in the balance between a not so rosy reality and the world of fantasy, where objects come to life to populate his fantasy world. But no matter how hard he tries to escape reality, it always comes knocking at his door. Gino is a middle-aged man like many others, hit by an economic crisis that has left him in his underwear or, rather, in a tutu, because they took even the last of his panties.

04 September 2021

Saturday oreat 19:00 > 50' entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry

Piazzale discesa del gas Cuneo


Written and directed by Carolina Khoury
Original music “Il Trenino” by Lionello Gennero
Lighting design Luca Carbone
Special mention of the jury FIMO 2028 (Portugal)
Best puppet Animart Festival 2016 (Poland)
Finalist Best actress Harmony World Puppet Festival 2015 (Thailand)
Winner of Gianduja di Pezza Price Pictures of the Interior 2011 (Italy)

duratalength 50'
lingualanguage italiano
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Teatro di figura
entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry