Il Teatro Viaggiante /IT

La famiglia Mirabella



The Mirabella family of Il Teatro Viaggiante seems to be a contemporary version of the circus of the past, but its true origin lies in the street theater of the twentieth century. Energy, juggling, mime, balancing acts, dance, theater, music: these are the components of this unique event.

In the square, where a moment before there was nothing, suddenly appear a Dutch bicycle with three wheels, unicycles of different sizes, pins, balls, music and five characters with bright clothes, hats and vests: they are Edoardo Mirabella, Elisabetta Cavana and their children, Martin, Matilde and Mael.

07 August 2021

Saturday oreat 18:30 > 60' / free

Cortile della Maddalena Alba

04 September 2021

Saturday oreat 21:00 > 60' 5€ /

Giardini Fresia Cuneo

La famiglia Mirabella

by and with Martin Mirabella, Matilde Mirabella, Mael Mirabella, Elisabetta Cavana, Edoardo Mirabella

duratalength 60'
lingualanguage italiano
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Teatro comico, Street Arts
bigliettoticket 5€