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The number “5”, in esotericism, symbolizes universal life, human individuality, will, intelligence, inspiration and genius. It also symbolizes the vertical evolution, the progressive ascending movement. According to esotericism, the number “5” represents man as the median point between earth and sky, and indicates that the ascension towards a superior condition is possible.
It contains the synthesis of the five senses, the number of fingers of a hand, it is the basis of decimal mathematics, it is the pentacle number, and the number of the five-pointed star. It is the number of human kind, a number to which men have attributed transcendental meanings since the beginning of time.
But today there’s the crisis…

Marco Chenevier is a choreographer, dancer, director and actor. He dances for various companies in Italy and France (Romeo Castellucci and Cindy Van Acker, Cie CFB451 (CCN of Roubaix – Carolyn Carlson), Cie Lolita Espin Anadon, Les Eclats, …) and he found in TiDA the ideal place to develop his artistic research. His choreographic research crosses genres, exploring the boundaries between the languages of dance and theatre. He is author of fifteen productions with which he participated to some of the most important international festival of performing arts.

26 June 2018

Tuesday oreat 20:00 > 50' 5 € /

Teatro comunale Busca

27 June 2018

Wednesday oreat 20:40 > 50' / 8 €

Teatro comunale Busca


direction / staging Marco Chenevier and Smeralda Capizzi
choreography Marco Chenevier
interpreters Marco Chenevier
production ALDES and TIDA (2017, with the support of Mibact and Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta)
with the support of MIBACT – Ministry of Heritage and cultural Activities and the Regional Education and Culture Department for Valle d’Aosta.second prize of the audience at the Mess Festival 2015 of Sarajevo, first prize at the Be (Dance) Festival 2015

duratalength 50'
lingualanguage italiano
raccomandatorecommended +6 anni
/ consigliato per famiglie
generegenre Danza contemporanea, Clown, Performance
bigliettoticket 5 €