Andrea Gallo Rosso /IT

Duo# _Temporary Name


Two dancers recall conflicts and personal memories. Facing the over 60 and handicapped performers met during two different workshop in Collegno.
The dancers creates a special dynamic of attraction and repulsion. Proximity and care are the energy and the block to go forward.

Andrea Gallo Rosso PostProduzione was selected within the project Residenze Coreografiche Lavanderia a Vapore 3.0 by Piemonte dal Vivo in 2015, The project started with a feminin duo, as the third part of the masculine trio co-produced by festival Oriente Occidente in Rovereto 2015.
Andrea is Finalist at Premio Equilibrio Roma 2014, with the work I meet you…if you want. The work is sustained by Mosaico Danza and DROP / Dance Roads Open Project, within the EU’s EACEA cultural program.
He received the support of DEMO/MOVIN’UP I sess. 2013 project by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Eritage (a cura del/by MINISTERO PER I BENI E LE ATTIVITA’ CULTURALI E DEL TURISMO – Direzione Generale PaBAAC – Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal Vivo e/ and GAI – associazione per il circuito dei giovani Artisti Italiani).
He has been selected for the Vetrina Giovane Danza d’Autorer® 2014 with the Mosaico Danza’s support in network AnticorpiXL (national Showcase for the young Italian choreographers).
He had been selected for section by Torino Danza Festival 2014 in collaboration with Festival Interplay/14.
The work No Habla (co-choreography with Manolo Perazzi and created with the support of Mosaico Danza Center and Electa Ceative Art center) has been selected for the Vetrina Giovane Danza Autorer® 2013 Italian network AnticorpiXL (national Showcase for the young Italian choreographers). The Urban Version won the first prize at the Contest Danza Urbana d’Autore Salicedoro 2013 and CULT Prize by regional network of Lombardia. The theatrical version was finalist at OUTLET Prize in regional network Circuito Abruzzo Danza.
The work Occhi has been presented by Italian Center Mosaico Danza as the Italian proposal to the festival Les Repérages 2013 – rencontre internationales de la jeune Chorégraphie at the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique CDC /Les Gymnase (Roubaix, France).
The short movie Fermata Paradiso (co-created with the videomaker Elena Maria Olivero) won the tird prize at the national contest La Danza in un Minuto 2011 by Coorpi.
In summer 2011 he has been selected for the international choreographic workshop residency at the Jerwood Dance Center os Ipswich (UK) organized by network Les Repérages with the Mosaico Danza’s support.
Andrea studied with internationals artists and mentors such as: David Zambrano, Pedro Berdayes, Jose’ Reches, Emio Greco, Ismael Yvo for to mention some. He started his dance studies in Italy (with C. Golin, MC Fontanelle, F. Pagliassotto, ) after theatrical studies (improvisation and phisical theatre) music (violin) and phisics at the university.
He has taken part in national and international festivals and events: INTERPLAY 12-13-14 international festival (Torino, IT), Damça em Transito 2014 (Rio de Janeiro, Br), Ammutinamenti 2014-13 (Ravenna, IT) PUNCH! Festival 2013 (Amsterdam, NL), Tanzende Stadt 2013 / Danse en Ville 2013 (Eupen, B), Les Reperages 2012 (Roubaix, F), Corpi Urbani/Urban Bodies 2012 (Genova, IT), Inside-Off Work in progress di danza contemporanea (Torino, IT), international White Night Skopje 2012 (Skopje, MK), La Piattaforma 2011 (Torino, IT, ); and within the Italian regional networks Arteven – lo spettacolo nelle città (in Veneto), CULT – circuito urbano lombardo teatrale (in Lombardia), Circuito Abruzzo Danza (in Abruzzo) and LIVE Piemonte dal Vivo – circuito regionale dello spettacolo (in Piedmont).

08 July 2016

Friday oreat 11:30 > 20' 2,00 /

Ala (spazio B) Savigliano

Duo# _Temporary Name

choreography Andrea Gallo Rosso
performers Miriam Cinieri, Ilaria Quaglia
extermal overlook Thomas Noone
sound dramaturgy Adele Madau
light disegn Francesco Dell”Elba

created within the project Residenze coreografiche Lavanderia a Vapore/ Piemonte dal Vivo

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Danza
bigliettoticket 2,00

duo Andrea Gallo Rosso - ph Ewa Gleisner