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The ups and downs of a couple versus love.
She comes to impress us with her voice and her music. He, her unhelpful assistant,
interrupts. A perfect clown’s game.

Two idiots who get confused and fight.
The result is always the same: the audience laughs.

A show that invites us to love, laugh and dream. A place where relationship of couples and their complications are taken with humor and joy.
A clown show with live music and amazing acrobatics on the bike.

Alta Gama borns with a meeting and the discovery of a common language: clownerie. Alta Gama is more than a company: is a project of life. A couple believing in the transforming power of art. A couple of clowns on their acrobatic bikes. A messed-up duo that only wants the audience to never stop laughing. Alta Gama is also a couple of lovers, their bike is a fantastic ship that takes them on a journey to the unexplored.

27 June 2019

Thursday oreat 21:10 > 30' entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry

Piazza della Rossa Busca


prima nazionale

Idea & Creation Cia. Alta Gama
Director Alejito Gamboa
Original Score Amanda Delgado
Music Producer Kardiaqh
Costume Design Isabel Franco
Costume Making Atelier Malé
Photography Juan Genco
Graphic Design Amanda & Freepik
Video Julià Rocha

duratalength 30'
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Clown
entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry

Cia Alta Gama - Adoro
Cia Alta Gama - Adoro
Cia Alta Gama - Adoro