Circo Peppino Medini /IT

Circo Terapia

Programmazione IN

Focus Circo Italiano


In an imaginery study a psichologist imprsonified by a strange doctor is dealing with of patiens with every type of problems: the one who lost the keys, the one who suffers the solitude of the red fish, who has a “cheerful” wife, who suffers from strong stomachache to have eaten too many swords, the one who is afraid of the rain… lots of comical compulsions to the limit of the credible.

A comical, light and enjoyable show able to live in the strange behaviour of the clowns and in the extraordinary virtues of the acrobats perfect for the entire family.

Milo Scotton is searching for the mixture between several performing arts to create dynamic, moving and vibrant shows of circus. He is the first italian artist graduated at the famous Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montréal and at the Academy Of the Art Dynamic Dramatics of the California.