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I Minu(et)ti


Focus Circo Italiano

BEYOND BORDERS trasgressioni ai confini della danza

The Minu(et)ti is an experimental circus show. How to do circus in 1 minute? Can a series of fragments as a whole give the clarity of the whole? In an attempt to answer this questions the elements of the collective have worked on the elaboration of twenty pièce of 1 minute duraction each, from wich the short form was born: Venti Minuetti. The intent of the collective is to evoke an emotional dramaturgy thath leaves the public free to understand the stage act according to their personal experience.

Founded in 2016 Fabbrica C intends to create connections and foster synergies, facilitate and encourage artistic research as a starting point in creating circus, supporting the difficult phase of development of a show, both for what concerns all the artistic aspects and for the true production part. What is important for them is to promote the growth and affirmation of the contemporary circus in Italy, to help create a critical conscience about it and open spaces for artistic comparison without which there can not be real and effective growth.

28 June 2018

Thursday oreat 10:40 > 20' 2 € /

Chapiteau Zoé Busca

I Minu(et)ti


concept Fabbrica C
interpreters Francesco Sgrò, Riccardo Massidda, Maristella Tesio, Teresa Noronha Feio, Mattia Mele, Luca Carbone, Giulia Racca and Davide Visintini
video Ludmilka
original music Pino Basile
music adaptation Fabbrica C
production Fabbrica C
co-production Dinamica Associazione – Festival Dinamico, Teatro In-Folio, Teatro Asioli di Correggio – Corpi & Visioni
with the support of Assessorato alla Cultura di Savigliano, Flic Scuola di circo, Assessorato alla cultura di Alghero – Festival Mamatita

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Danza contemporanea
bigliettoticket 2 €

Fabbrica C - I Minu(et)ti
Fabbrica C - I Minu(et)ti