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In a Landscape

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Focus Danza

In a Landscape was created in 2008 as an Urban Space Performance and became very soon a Solo that could evolve through the years following the development of Compagnia STALKER’s research.
It was presented since 2010 also in theatres and site specific spaces.
This work is defined through a precise structure and organization of space, movement and sound and in the geometric reading of the space where it takes place.
It is based on the idea of Wind, not in an atmospheric sense. The wind here is meant as creator and motor of changes and dynamics (in the physical and musical score).
Like the wind the force that moves is invisible, what we can perceive – through movement and sound – is the result of a passage…in an urban landscape.

Born in Parma (Italy) Daniele Albanese studied Gymnastics and Ballet. In 1997 graduated from EDDC in Arnhem (The Netherlands). In 2002, he founded his dance company STALKER. His choreographic work has been performed in several theatres and festivals in Italy and abroad. His new project VON premiered on 24th February at Festival Les Hivernales in Avignon. The structure of STALKER’s works is closely connected to researching body and movement, with the aim of investigating dance as a language.

30 June 2018

Saturday oreat 18:00 > 20' 2 € /

Castello del Roccolo Busca

In a Landscape

in collaboration with Piemonte dal Vivo

Dance and Dramaturgy Daniele Albanese
Assistance to Dramaturgy Loredana Scianna, Maurizio Soliani
Original Music Maurizio Soliani

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Danza contemporanea
bigliettoticket 2 €