Stalker _ Daniele Albanese /IT

VON - Solo

Programmazione IN

Focus Danza

The Event Horizon of a Black Hole defines an imaginary surface of time and space that separates the points from which signals can still escape, from those where it is no longer possible.
Von is set in this imaginary border where what is clear and legible encounters what is dark and mysterious.
A reflection on dance meant as a continuous mutation and transformation in relation to external forces that act on the body and on the space. The performance is conceived as a choreography of the three elements of movement, light and sound. Natural forces, physical forces and political forces, transform, distort and move the bodies and their proceeding in time, that is the primary and omnipresent character of this performance.

Born in Parma (Italy) Daniele Albanese studied Gymnastics and Ballet. In 1997 graduated from EDDC in Arnhem (The Netherlands). In 2002, he founded his dance company STALKER. His choreographic work has been performed in several theatres and festivals in Italy and abroad. His new project VON premiered on 24th February at Festival Les Hivernales in Avignon. The structure of STALKER’s works is closely connected to researching body and movement, with the aim of investigating dance as a language.

30 June 2018

Saturday oreat 22:00 > 20' 8 € /

Castello del Roccolo Busca

VON - Solo

in collaboration with Piemonte dal Vivo

concept / interpreter Daniele Albanese
lights Alessio Guerra
music Luca Nasciuti
tecnic Jan Olieslagers
artistic outside eye Virginia Canali
organization Giovanna Milano
co-production Torinodanzafestival / Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale, CDC – Les Hivernales/Avignon, Halles de Schaerbeek
with the support of Garage 29/Bruxelles, Associazione Stalk/Parma

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Danza contemporanea
bigliettoticket 8 €

Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese - VON Assolo
Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese - VON Assolo
Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese - VON Assolo
Compagnia Stalker / Daniele Albanese - VON Assolo