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A transmedia choreographic work that explores the body in a state of emergency, the performativity of data analysis and the correlation between the human body and new technologies. re-Flow is an invitation to take part in an immersive game

That involves on multiple levels the choreographer, the designers, the new technologies and the audience. A meaningful experience of immersive environments and synthetic soundscapes in 3D, in motion, that become experiential choreography, to be experienced directly. A path that invites the audience to explore the choreography deconstructed and recomposed, through 2 different multimedia experiences within which the viewer is free to interact with the materials, languages and techniques proposed.

First Step: re-FLOW portraits, a circular video-acoustic installation, which transports the audience into a poetic and immersive travel experience.

Second Step: re-FLOW VR participatory experience in VR, for three viewers at a time, with Oculus Quest 2.