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Mañana es Mañana

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European Season of Circus

Focus La Francia in Scena

The starting point are the feelings, the energies: impotence, anger,… This is what feeds our shows. Our subject are the humans, people and animals. Our approach is not cerebral. It’s a story from the body rather than the mind. An image, an idea, a gesture, everything is a pretext for the work of the body. We make full use every detail by the deformation of the body or the object“.
(Jur e Julien)

After On the Edge (2007), Aïe (2010) e Malabo (Crida Cabaret – 2011), Julien Vittecoq and Jur Domingo continue their creative process with new show Mañana es mañana.

Julien and Jur are on stage with Gabriel Agosti and Anicet Leone, they blurs the boundaries between disciplines and create new interpretations.

Mañana Mañana es is the fourth creation of the company. The first of the show took place at the Festival Montpellier Danse 2013 on 2 and 3 July 2013.

Cridacompany is a French-Catalan circus company born in Toulouse in 2006, after the meeting at the Lido (center of circus arts of Toulouse) between Jur Domingo Escofet and Julien Vittecoq, directors and choreographers. From Sweden to Mexico, across the African continent, they offer strange and strong performances, where the virtuosity feeds the invention of a new language between circus and dance, between singing and performance.
They work on obstacles and deformation, bringing out situations and characters filled with a bewildering humor. On stage, playing with the body and its potential. In a bare style, leaving space for emotions, from the lightest to the most disturbing.

07 July 2016

Thursday oreat 23:10 > 60' 10,00 /

Ala (spazio B) Savigliano

10 July 2016

Sunday oreat 22:30 > 60' 10,00 /

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Mañana es Mañana

prima nazionale

Project by Jur Domingo e Julien Vittecoq
By and with Gabriel Agosti, Jur Domingo, Anicet Leone, Julien Vittecoq
Direction Julien Vittecoq
Music Jur Domingo
Artistic advisor Devier Henry, Eric Fassa
Light Eric Fassa
Sound design Julien Bordais
Production Cridacompany
Photo Credit Jean-Alexandre Lahocsinszky

duratalength 60'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo
bigliettoticket 10,00

Cridacompany - Mañana es Mañana - ph Lahocsinszky
Cridacompany - Mañana es Mañana
Cridacompany - Mañana es Mañana
Cridacompany - Mañana es Mañana - ph Etienne Perra
Cridacompany - Mañana es Mañana - ph Etienne Perra