Drum theatre

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Drum Theatre is realized by Sergio Cherubin. An artist and a drummer who works since 20 years in the social field.

Through the theatre, clownerie and the frequences of the drums he enters in far and distant worlds. His talent interacts in symbiosis with groups of “differently equals”, and prisoners, the elderly, teenagers, children…

So it happens that rhythm and diversity rotate in symbiosis within a perfect gear, generating a very precious inclusion tool for everyone, which pierces, excites, educates and involves meeting after meeting.

06 September 2020

Sunday oreat 16:30 > 45' entrata libera / info su appfree entry

Piazza Foro Boario Cuneo

12 September 2020

Saturday oreat 16:00 > 45' / biglietto unico

Museo Ferroviario Piemontese Savigliano

12 September 2020

Saturday oreat 17:00 > 45' / biglietto unico

Museo Ferroviario Piemontese Savigliano

Drum theatre

ideazione e coordinamento Sergio Cherubin
con Carlotta Putetto, Ilaria Stradiotto, Francesco Barberis, Davide Mariano, Elisa Mariano, Serena Carrino

biglietto biglietto unico in abbonamento per il Museo Ferroviario di Savigliano € 10, ridotto €7

duratalength 45'
lingualanguage musicale
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Street Music, Street Arts
entrata libera / info su appfree entry