EgriBiancoDanza & METS /(IT)

Coreofonie #LeSacre

Programmazione IN


The performance is part of an itinerant journey in which the dancers of the EgriBiancoDanza Company react to an electronic musical deconstruction of Le sacre du printemps by the METS-Conservatory of Cuneo composers, associating these Stravinsky fragments with different choreographic gestures, often unpredictable in their sequence and direction, which are also the result of a similar process of de-composition of a pre-existing choreography for Le Sacre, by Raphael Bianco.
This fragmentation of the existing choreographic vocabulary, re-elaborated in the economy of the materials, leads to the essence of the dramaturgy of the reference choreography, upsetting the order of the libretto and proposing a new figure of the Elect.

The rite of nature that is renewed with Spring is one of the deep symbolic meanings of the famous ballet The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinkij.
The artistic intervention conceived by Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza and METS-Conservatorio di Cuneo for Festival Mirabilia underlines this aspect with a site-specific project for the “f’Orma” space in the Parco Fluviale in Cuneo.
Here, an evocative multisensory path allows the visitor to develop a direct and emotional contact with the river landscape, walking barefoot on different surfaces and in the water.
The temporary sounding of the path created by METS for the performance Coreofonie will allow, through a system of loudspeakers camouflaged in the environment, to enhance also the auditory aspect of the contact of the feet with the different materials (leaves, stones, soil, water…), capturing, amplifying and re-elaborating the sound, and then hybridizing it with distant sound echoes of the Sagra della Primavera itself, thus increasing the multisensory emotional effect of the experience.
The audience of Coreofonie will therefore experience this ritual of liberation through nature, walking along the multisensory path to the place of the music and dance performance.
In doing so, the audience will also determine the structure of the performance itself: through the de-composition of a pre-existing choreography for the Sagra della Primavera by Raphael Bianco, the dancers of EgriBiancoDanza will react extemporaneously to various sound extracts from the Sagra itself, electronically reworked by the METS composers, whose order and character (calm, furious, etc.) will be determined precisely by the way and timing in which the spectators walk along the multisensory path, picked up by special sensors.
In essence, the audience will also “compose” the sound and choreographic score of the performance they will attend, which for this reason will be different and unrepeatable each time.