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Il Grande Piano

Compagnia ospite

Who has not dreamed about being small for a day in order to play on the floor like in the 80′ movie Big starring Tom Hanks?

Your dream has finally come true!

What is it?

The Grande Piano is a musical instrument that combines music, dance, teaching and playing. It ‘a giant MIDI keyboard with 1m keys, installed on the floor. The white keys are illuminated with high power LEDs and can follow a colored scale or simply stay white. In the three and a half octaves configuration, the piano is 6m x 1,90m, with a height of 10 cm. The piano is completely modular and size can fit any space.

It’s an educational animation and a unique musical dance show, comparable only to the Big Piano of FAO Schwarz in New York.

Anyone can play it:
the children enjoying themselves on the notes, the boys learning some simple melody and adults passing through it in a musical walk.

The first videos of the Grande Piano on You Tube:
il Grande Piano – Heart and Soul
il Grande Piano – Jingle Bells
il Grande Piano – La Pantera Rosa
il Grande Piano – Tu scendi dalle stelle
il Grande Piano – “Giocando con Bach”

Learning by playing it’s the logic and the foundation of music language.

Music: The entertainer, with the help of simple cards, teaches melodies that make us feel the pleasure to create playing.

Game / exercise: Playing with the feet is a remarkable recreational / physical activity and requires concentration, synchrony, rhythm and tempo … a few minutes to play a simple melody … and months of rehearsals to become a memorable “Great Pianist”.

Memory: Remembering the melody is not as simple as it sounds … how was this song? With which foot I have to start? How was the second voice?

Group work: Playing with feet only gives us “two fingers” of traditional piano. To achieve a complete harmony you need at least two “Great Pianists”, an understanding and a sync from the whole team.