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Il Signore delle Ciliege

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Street Arts

The cherries Sig. is a Storyteller and the meeting … an event where you can listen to a story after another with the same avidity with which you can taste the most delicious summer fruits.

The show is a vast musical box Stories, Songs and found, built with twenty years experience … and with renewed freshness by current events. involving the audience of young and old with its novelty and its musical instruments that you can hear, see and experience just meeting “the SIG.delle CHERRIES Player of unusual instruments experienced “musical saw” that is accompanied in his stories with the crank organ for mechanical music, or tubasso unearthed and nose flute or other musical wizardry, they certainly do not know and which is now recognized, are tools proposed to improve the lives of everyone, big and small.

The show is dedicated to the families and the curious of all ages!!

Felice Pantone is a professional theater since 1983 Social and legal representative Ass. Art. il grilllo 1991 Began their training at a very young age, the son of musicians, Forced into an activity richest economic satisfaction, he graduated professionally, but does not neglect his true passion, music and theater, and continues to follow drama courses and internships that form an artistic figure. In 1983 the turning point, what was a hobby becomes a profession and “the way, the square” his appointed place.


Felice Pantone
Felice Pantone
Felice Pantone