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Welcome to my head

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European Season of Circus

Jordi “Kerol” Querol co-created the company Subliminati Corporation in 2006, graduated Circus Next with the shows«le Cabaret Subliminal» and «File Tone». After many shamanic practices, he studied physical theater in Barcelona. Self-taught in ninja arts and human beatbox, he completed his studies as an eccentric actor at the circus school “Le Lido” in Toulouse. Recycling what is left of his brain he created “Welcome to my Head “, a beatbox juggling and clown solo that caused over a hundred children to cry in less than a year. Kerol also participated in CRECE CIRCO PRICE 2010 Project and was awarded the Silver Medal of the Festival du Cirque de Demain. After this intense adventure and first creation experience, Jordi felt the need for a pause. He is persuaded that creation has to answer to a necessity, a message, a need to espress something and it is not to be a simple effect of a frenetic logic of economical gain. This is why i had been absent from the scene for an year and a half, in order to live personal experiences and above all in order to live… simply. He comes back today from the new experiences he lived and moved by the sense of lack caused by the absence, he feels now ready for this new solo adventure.

17 June 2016

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Lavanderia a Vapore Torino
Focus La Francia in Scena

Welcome to my head

prima nazionale

Original idea / creation Jordi Querol
Performers Jordi Querol Disciplines Eccentric, Juggling, Human Beatbox
Directed by Jordi Querol
Original music / musical composition Jordi Querol
2011 Winner of the Cirque du Demain Festival, Medaille d’Argent

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +14 anni
generegenre Circo, Teatro d'oggetti, Spettacolo comico
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