Nando & Maila /IT

Kalinka (Vanjuska moj)

Programmazione IN

Focus Circo Italiano

KALINKA is a theater performance in which musical eclecticism and aerial acrobatics (trapeze, tissus) joins with games of extreme originality, gags, improvisation, comic spontaneity and carefully planned effects to create a work of extreme freshness and effect. Maskerpa, improbable presenter/theatrical manager and no less than vaudevillian con man/scoundrel, presents the self-styled Russian artist Maila Zirovna, who disinterestedly plays along with the scam… until, impetuously, their tedious fraud erupts bringing to life a rich gallery of characters, musical instruments, melodies, and eccentric gags.

KALINKA é uno spettacolo comico e coinvolgente, in cui il pubblico, senza distinzioni tra grandi e piccini, viene chiamato ad una partecipazione diretta e divertita.

Duo formed by Ferdinando D’Andria and Maila Sparapani. They studied with Carlo Boso (Commedia dell’arte), Philip Radice (Mime), Jean Menigault (Clown). They are graduates to the School of Theatre “Galante Garrone ” in Bologna (Nouveau Cirque). They participate in the international festival of the contemporary circus of Brescia and the Biennale Expo in Venice as actors in the show “Ombra di luna” directed by Marcello Chiarenza.