Kolektiv Lapso Cirk / Léa Legrand /FR

La Chute

Programmazione IN


My circus has his strongly personal vocabulary done from fragility, from risks, from strength, from control. It is staged from an abounding object, a sphere of balance or of imbalance, according to the expression that everyone prefers. In the project of creation La Chute, the circus generates an epiphany: it reveals my fragility of being a human and a woman, and echoes towards the spectators. I am trying to broadcast a message destined to touch in the intimate each spectator.

Léa Legrand evolves on a balancing sphere, advancing according to her imbalances, tossed between reason and unreason, walking to give meaning to her life. She slips, stumbles, falls and gets up again. This acrobat is attached to her ball as she is attached to her memories, fighting to stay upright.


Lea Legrand - La Chute
Lea Legrand - La Chute