Kolektiv Lapso Cirk - Veronica Capozzoli /IT


Il tempo è una linea verticale


Circo contemporaneo

In the newborn, the first appearance of logic manifests itself in the encounter with an object, something external: it is the first separation, it’s first conscious A-symmetry.

11 is a geometric mechanism where the body and object are united and separated in the perpetual creation of always new geometric shapes: their essence lies within the limit of balance between a body and ten chairs, 11 parts that combine to create more vertical structures.

In 11 we find human conflict, fortunately too human, between order and chaos, in the constant struggle between Symmetry and its Ab-sence.

Veronica Capozzoli is both a circus artist and a director based in Italy. Her background is theater, circus, dance and philosophy, bringing together the different directions in a research effort centered on balance and the body geometry in relation to the object itself. She is working with various theater and circus companies in Italy and France and is a founding member of Kolektiv Lapso Cirk. It’s here that her solo show 11 is being made, currently in creation with the direction of Jorge Silvestre.



Il tempo è una linea verticale

work in progress

In collaboration with David Diez Mendez
Production Kolektiv Lapso Cirk
External eye Jorge Silvestre 
With the support of  Terre di Circo, Festival Mirabilia, La Casa del Circo Contemporaneo, Fondazione Circo Vertigo, CLAPS – theatrical circuit Lombardia, Industria Scenica, Comune di Vicoforte (CN)

duratalength 15'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +8 anni
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Performance
bigliettoticket 2 €

Kolektiv Lapso Cirk - Veronica Capozzoli
Kolektiv Lapso Cirk - Veronica Capozzoli