Longuel & Triotrioche /IT

Opera Guitta

Compagnia ospite

Street Arts

Three “guitti”, three penniless wandering musicians play a fake slave sale to get the attention of the audience.
The accordionist play the seller. She’s armed with a wand, not to direct the music, but to threaten the slaves. The soprano and flautist compete in singing, music and other skills: amazing expertise to fascinate the potential buyers. Opera Guitta will present some of the arias that always touch our souls from Donizetti to Mozart, from Rossini to Verdi.
Opera Guitta is a collaboration between Trio Trioche and Ass. Longuel.

The Trio Trioche company was part of Mirabilia Festival 2014 program with the show Troppe Arie, a successful music performance and clown show. This new creation elaborate the interesting combination of opera, street theatre and circus art.

01 July 2017

Saturday oreat 11:00 > 30' 5 € /

Chapiteau Piazza Castello Fossano map 2

02 July 2017

Sunday oreat 19:30 > 30' 5 € /

Chapiteau Piazza Castello Fossano map 2

Opera Guitta

written and directed by Antonio Vergamini
with Nicanor Cancellieri, Silvia Laniado, Franca Pampaloni

costumes Lisa Rufini, Sartoria SlowCostume
set Lisa Foletti
set realization HDPE ditta Plastic-Tirecycling AG Giubiasco
material research ditta Binetti SA Canobbio

arie by Donizetti, Hoffenbach, Mozart, Rossini, Verdi…

thanks Isabelle Bonillo, Maria Bonzanigo, Raffaella Bordonaro, Esther Buser, Manlio Casali, Mona Chibout, Giovanna Demeglio, Olivier Forel, Sandra Gerber, Léonie Keller, Ciril Noto, Lorenzo Ortelli, Elisa Perna, Teatro Trebbo, Teresa Larraga, Yvonne Tissot.

duratalength 30'
lingualanguage italiano
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Teatro di strada, Clown musicale, Musicale
bigliettoticket 5 €

production Associazione Longuel, Trio Trioche, Spazio Circo Bergamo
coproduction Mirabilia Festival in collaboration with Théâtre de Colombier (Svizzera)