Loosysmokes /IE

Behind the dark

Programmazione IN

Focus Ireland


Exploring a mind on the edge of fear, Behind the Dark is a spectacular fusion of aerial acrobatics and dance. Staged deep in the woods at night – Behind the Dark explores the darkness both without and within, moving from the surreal to the ecstatic, and shot through with moments of unsettling beauty and raw, savage power.

An ambitious highly immersive performance presented in a mature stand of trees within a park or woodland, takes an audience into a unique experience of the dark woods.

Loosysmokes is a close-knit group of hardworking artists, craftsmen and performers. Having all worked together on numerous projects over the years, a formal collective arrangement was hammered out in early 2014 and has proven to be a successful way of producing unique material that is not bound by the traditional trapping of art, circus or performance.