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prima TANZ


How do you feel?
Lost, I got lost,
in pieces.
I search and I do not find.
I do not see but I wish.
I run, I fall but keep trying.
Tired, I dream and maybe I dance.
Do you see me?

“Dis -persi” is the beginning of a research project: a meeting between different bodies and thoughts. I decided to gather some of my students and to begin a research with word, movement and memory. Two generations. Beyond our pedagogical relationship I felt the strong need to understand their real desire to “move” body and thought. I felt the need to learn and discover each one of them.
Everyone searched for his “dance”, his story and everyone started to dance alone in different places. We danced in architectural and natural spaces, sometimes abandoned and sometimes not, during different times of day and night, in outdoor situations and confined spaces. We observed, photographed, filmed and then recounted. So in the end, locked in a small room, everyone has been looking for ways to “move and be with the body, beyond styles and techniques.” We forced our loneliness to find the real need for the other, often close but invisible. Each one of us tried to tell their own desires.

“Prima Tanz”. A group of men, moving “thought and body” in a constant action on the border between a real world and a dream. The movements are fragmented. The thoughts end up in pieces, without an order and a sense, searching for a contact and some sort of communication. In a society where the individual is obsessed with performance, competition, outcome and hyperactivity, we serched for our “first TANZ”, a language, similar to a forgotten story, on the border of a fragility and something not konwn. Simple actions in space: walking, running, bending, jumping, hugging, pushing. Bodies and actions. Four men, they search, they stop and ask some questions, they repeat and repeat actions as if they were looking for a forgotten ritual. Today, obsessed with perfection and continuous “beauty” and “meaning” request, we wondered how to “be” there, in that present time and space, alone, separated, lost, fragmented, looking for other and others and a small, own desire and maybe a simple “unity”.

The project has three parts (three tanz): the first will be “danced” by men only, the second by women; the third, but not necessarily last, will be the combination between the first two. An unknown dance in which the two performances will contaminate themselves and meet in a game of discovery, each time different. Each dance will attempt to continue its path, dealing with the new, with the other, the alleged stranger, the different.

06 July 2016

Wednesday oreat 12:30 > 20' 2,00 /

Ala (spazio B) Savigliano


prima TANZ

direction and choreography Alessio Maria Romano
by and with A.M.R./ Filippo Porro / Isaac Venturini

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage multilingua
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Danza
bigliettoticket 2,00

A.M.R. company - DIS-PERSI prima TANZ - ph Andrea Macchia
A.M.R. company - DIS-PERSI prima TANZ - ph Andrea Macchia
A.M.R. company - DIS-PERSI prima TANZ - ph Andrea Macchia
A.M.R. company - DIS-PERSI prima TANZ - ph Andrea Macchia
A.M.R. company - DIS-PERSI prima TANZ - ph Andrea Macchia