Maleta Company /IE

Boa Noite

Programmazione IN

Focus Ireland

Circo contemporaneo

“Boa Noite” is a friendship, it is the process of two human beings meeting each other, and being human. It is the process of two people sharing something that is close to their heart, and using this to learn about each other, and learn from each other. Boa Noite is juggling, it is a process of meeting, of experimentation.

A delicate and joyful act with a table and many juggling props. At the base of our creation and play is juggling and object manipulation (Balls and Clubs). This is a passion we share, and this passion extends out into our bodies, and how we can use the two together to create a language and a dialogue.

How the body and object move within the space and where and how they meet is at the centre of our research. Intention is also strongly rooted in our work and our journey, as creators and artists we search to justify our intentions and give meaning to our actions. To share who we are and what circus means to us.

Maleta Company is an Irish based contemporay circus company, made up of Alex Allison (Ireland) and Davi Hora (Brazil), the company uses juggling, manipulation and the body as a base to construct languages in which they can explore aspects of human condition. Davi met circus at the age of 23. A hobby at first, it quickly became a passion and later my profession, after a short period studying philosophy, Davi found himself in Rio, and in 2013 graduated from “the national school of circus of Brasil” and Angel Vianna College of Contemporary dance in 2014. Davi continues to develop his research of juggling and contemporary dance. Alex began juggling at the age of 22, after finishing a degree in Celtic Studies and Spanish he relocated to Madrid for a year to train and explore the world of Manipulation and Juggling. Alex continues to share a little bit of wha goes on inside his head using Juggling and the body as his tools.