Mattatoio Sospeso /FR

Tu me fais tourner la tête

Programmazione IN

Circo contemporaneo

Focus La Francia in Scena

…what has always tempted me most is the invisible aspect, the so-called illogical side of form and spirit…” Marc Chagall

Freely inspired by common life of Bella Rosenfeld and Marc Chagall to tap in flight the poetry of love and dreams. An old Chagall eternally trying to find his love painted on the “Promenade” but he can not, there is no longer her, with her it was over. And then perhaps in dreams it becomes possible pursuit, recreate that love.

Our old Chagall becomes puppeteer, builder of his dream itself. A melancholy demiurge of a fun dream where he meets Bella and his alter-ego. Maybe there is still a perpetual flight… perhaps because the loss is not the end but a new beginning…

Marco Mannucci founded Mattatoio Sospeso in 2006, a flying company founded working each time thanks to the encounter of other artists. Climbing, acrobatics, street theatre, theatre, out of the ordinary Poetics and circus are some of its principal ingredients. He studied circus arts, especially acrobatics, clown and aerial.
He deepened the approach of flight in all forms, with experienced companies such as Transe-express, Retouramont, Olivier Farge, Passager, DareDart and Antoine Le Menestrel. He also studied and invented different suspension and flight techniques, both inside and outside on different architecture.
His shows, always tragicomic and poetic, turn international. Public price Mimos 2016 for the show “Les Amants du ciel” and Prix Gianni Damiano 2013 for “OUT!.

01 July 2017

Saturday oreat 20:45 > 60' 8 € /

Chapiteau Piazza Castello Fossano map 2

Tu me fais tourner la tête

prima nazionale

Creation and direction Marco Mannucci
By and with Saverio Abate (Camilo Clown), Marco Mannucci, Marina Romondia, Gabriele Savarese
Violin Gabriele Savarese / Matteo Gallus
Dramaturgy collaboration Marina Romondia
Artistic collaboration Emanuela Dall’Aglio, Marina Romondia
Scenes and costumes Emanuela Dall’Aglio
Light design Andrea Berselli
Tecnique Andrea Berselli, Maurizio Coroni, Fannie Laurent
Decoration Franck Brueil
Video making Lavinia Baroni

duratalength 60'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
/ consigliato per famiglie
generegenre Circo contemporaneo, Danza Aerea, Teatro
bigliettoticket 8 €

Supported by Terre di circo – Mirabilia (IT), La Grainerie (FR), Gare à Coulisses (FR), La Città del teatro (IT), La Corte Ospitale (IT), SmartFR (FR), Crowdarts (B,IT)Realizzato con il supporto di Terre di circo – Mirabilia (IT), La Grainerie (FR), Gare à Coulisses (FR), La Città del teatro (IT), La Corte Ospitale (IT), SmartFR (FR), Crowdarts (B,IT)

Mattatoio Sospeso
Mattatoio Sospeso
Mattatoio Sospeso
Mattatoio Sospeso