Matteo Galbusera - Vetrina Trampolino /(IT)

Maicol Gatto

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MAICOL GATTO is a multidisciplinary show that interweaves different artistic languages: music, mime, physical theater and contemporary circus. The comic style is based on physicality, gags and research that binds music to movement. There are no texts. The peculiarity of the show is the research in the use of sound as a dramaturgic element. In his world made of synthesizers and electronic keyboards, Maicol Gatto is an awakened humanoid not decipherable and unpredictable who moves in the geometry of his fantasy world, prey to electric discharges. The show is an alienating concert that combines music and contemporary clowning with a surreal style. A show-concert that wants to pay homage to the pioneering electronic music of the post-war period, to the imaginary science fiction, to the theater of the absurd and that wants to celebrate the relationship between man and machine that knows no limits of space-time and represents an incredible journey into the unknown.

03 September 2021

Friday oreat 22:35 > 35' 5€ /

Teatro Toselli Cuneo

Maicol Gatto

by adn with Matteo Galbusera
with the support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia (progetto di Circuito CLAPS e Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, Zona K)

duratalength 35'
lingualanguage italiano
raccomandatorecommended +8 anni
generegenre Clown, Musicale
bigliettoticket 5€