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It’s night.
In the middle of a barren clearing among burnt trees, an open coffin reveals the body of the Great Smurf, dead with a knife stuck in his heart. His greed, his arrogance, has awakened the smurfs – citizens from their numbness.

How can they rule the village now? Between comedy, tragedy and surreal moments, with the live use of new media, Michele Cremaschi questions with irony and laughter but also with lucid intelligence the new models of “social” democracy.

After graduating obtaining a degree in Information Technology, Michele Cremaschi has been writing for the theater and acting since 1999, participating at festivals the length and breadth of Europe, and in Russia, Africa, Asia.


27 June 2019

Thursday oreat 20:00 > 70' intero 10€ / ridotto 7€ /

Teatro comunale Busca


prima assoluta

Idea, direction and technology developing Michele Cremaschi
sceneries Enzo Mologni
drama Anna Maini – Michele Cremaschi
cinematographic consultant Chiara Cremaschi
production support Compagnia di SanPaolo nell’ambito del bando “Ora! Linguaggi contemporanei, produzioni innovative” residencies and production support: IlinxArium, Inzago (MI); Lab80, Bergamo; Laboratorio Teatro Officina, Urgnano (BG); Casa Fools /Teatro Vanchiglia, Torino; Teatro della Caduta, Torino, Sorint.lab, University of Technologie of Belfort Montbéliard, Le Granit, scène nationale, Belfort, France

duratalength 70'
raccomandatorecommended +6 anni
generegenre Teatro contemporaneo, VideoArte, Digital Tools
bigliettoticket intero 10€ / ridotto 7€

Michele Cremaschi - Krisi
Michele Cremaschi - Krisi
Michele Cremaschi - Krisi
Michele Cremaschi - Krisi