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She travels the world in a box,
He only wants to stay out of troubles…
A breathtaking flirt looking for a love story.

Among boxes, ladders and suitcases, one is launched into the unpredictable world of Klinke. Treading the fine line between technique and poetry, it is a sublime show which melts the most important aspects of performance namely theatre, dance and circus, culminating in the unique genre of the new circus. Klinke is a piece of entertainment which is able to keep the audience glued to their seats as well as take them on an enthralling journey of excitement and amusement.

Milo and Olivia  founded their company in 2003. The union of these two personalities gave birth to a new way of living the circus and looking at theatre; a genre which plants its foundation clearly in le nouveau cirque, but with a narrative perspective deeply felt, thanks to a solid base in dramaturgy and extensive studies in theatre.

Having obtained their diplomas from The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in California, Milo and Olivia have never been satisfied with just the simple technical perfection of their various acrobatic numbers. In their exploration of the twists and turns of reality, they have been in search of a total collusion between the realms of theatre, circus and dance. It is a territory both real and unreal, between meaning and motion, where the starting point is in the most everyday situations, which are then exploded and transported by the fine sensibilities of these actor-acrobats.

Due to their circus training of the highest degree, (Milo is a graduate of Montreal’s vaunted National Circus School, and Olivia attended the Academy of Circus Arts in Verona) Milo and Olivia have an extraordinary artistic versatility which allows then to be at once, actors, hand-balancers, jugglers, dancers, and acrobats. This allows them to immediately engage their audience with their sheer technical skill, while ensuring that these virtuosities are infused with meaning and character throughout their shows.

01 July 2018

Sunday oreat 18:30 > 65' 5 € /

Teatro comunale Busca


directed by Philip Radice
performers Olivia Ferraris and Milo Scotton

duratalength 65'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
/ consigliato per famiglie
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 5 €

Milo&Olivia - Klinke - ph Enrico Auxilia
Milo&Olivia - Klinke - ph Enrico Auxilia
Milo&Olivia - Klinke
Milo&Olivia - Klinke
Milo&Olivia - Klinke - ph Enrico Auxilia