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Circo contemporaneo

Focus Circus Next / European Season of Circus

Performance of debasement.
On stage three performers, a juggler, an acrobat and a performance artist creates a continuity of absurd scenes that follow one another as artists question and experiments their limits, ones they impose to themselves and equally the ones imposed by others. Until where we can go without hurting ourselves?

Creating a raw performance with a mixture of black humour and oddness. Taival intorregates this fragile separation that live inside of us all, between an absolute freedom that inspires us and independency that gives essence of being human. Linked with manipulative games and domination these three artists try to let go of it in order to find a refuge to their frustrations.

In this debasement of pain and limits aren’t there a final source of pleasure ? If this constraint suffered, imposed Individual isn’t free anymore? The performance explores these questions through strong aesthetic prism. A sublimation of pain on stage is assumed like a part of an answer to the the issues raised.

Isn’t pain a bit poetic as beauty? Can we laugh at painful and hurtful things ?

In this new creation Nuua company continues it’s sensible experimentations on body and matter. A performance is like an imaginary trip into absurd and irony. Performance feels real and it’s stage art fantasy stripping style brings it towards more personal levels. Not only to it’s artists but for it’s audi- ence as the performance opens up in a little difference ways.

For this manipulation of the other, in the control of one’s own body, is it not ultimately oneself that one tries to protect? Freely mixing different performing art forms, Taival is versatile, rough and corporal work of contemporary circus.

Compagnia laureata Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe e programmata all’interno della Stagione Europea delle Arti del Circo 2016/17 di CircusNext, circuito europeo coordinato da Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe e sostenuto dalla Commissione Europea tramite il programma Culture, strand 1.1.

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Nuua was founded by Finnish circus artist Olli Vuorinen and Brazilian artist Luis Sartori do Vale in 2012 in Finland as company for visual theater and contemporary circus performances.
Nuua is one the Finland’s next generation companies in the field of contemporary circus. In a short period Nuua has taken it’s place in the international scene of performing arts. Nuua’s first performance ”Lento” (2013) have reached over 35 000 spectators in 10 different countries.
Nuua collaborates together with various international artists around Europe, shares expreriences and brings back to Finland a new taste of circus. What makes Nuuas works interesting is the fact that they are designed and carried out in co-operation with the whole company as collective piece. Assistant director, performers, light designers, sound designer and costume designer combine their different properties and can realize their work in more personal level, making the performances very creative and rich.

30 June 2017

Friday oreat 22:30 > 60' 12 € /

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01 July 2017

Saturday oreat 22:45 > 60' 12 € /

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prima nazionale

Original Idea Jouni Ihalainen, Olli Vuorinen
Concept and performance Jouni Ihalainen, Nahuel Desanto, Coline Froidevaux
Director Pau Portabella
Assistant director Olli Vuorinen
Light design Teo Lanerva
Music / Sound Design Petteri Rajanti
Costumes Anne Jämsä

duratalength 60'
raccomandatorecommended +14 anni
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 12 €

Production Nuua
Co-production Les Migrateurs, La Maison des jonglages, Les objets volants
Support WHS, Les objets volants, CIRKO center for new circus, Académie-Fratellini, CircusInfo Finland, La Grainerie, Jackson’s Lane, Subtopia, Finnish cultural foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Les Migrateurs, La Maison des jonglages, Sorin Sirkus