Pedro & Liz /IT/BR




Created from the acrobatic research in duet, Abasedotetodesaba is a contemporary circus show that explores the concept of the “saudade” the untranslatable word in other languages and that in portuguese becomes attached to the lack, to the nostalgia of a place or of someone, but also to the hope of seeing it again, beforehand or then.

Liz Braga e Pedro Guerra is a brasilian acrobat duet based in France since 2008. Graduated at Fratellini Academy in 2011 they developed an artistic and sentimental relation between Brasil and Europe. Together with other six artists founded the collective Na Esquina, the duet takes part of Circo Zoé company.

28 June 2018

Thursday oreat 10:00 > 20' 2 € /

Teatro Cinema Lux Busca


anteprima nazionale

by and with Liz Braga and Pedro Guerra

duratalength 20'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended +12 anni
generegenre Circo contemporaneo
bigliettoticket 2 €

Pedro & Liz - Abase(dotetodesaba)
Pedro & Liz - Abase(dotetodesaba)