Nani Rossi & Mc Fois /IT

R4 Fuga per la libertà

Mirabilia International Showcase

Special units. Maximum security and law enforcement: two agents, code-named Chesterfield and Wellington, are engaged in an intricate mission: the transfer of a dangerous criminal from one prison to another. Will our heroes succeed in this arduous task? Difficult to give a definite answer, because the road – as always – is full of surprises. Perhaps the car that has been entrusted to the mission is not in the best of states and perhaps even they are not the best special agents on the market, or perhaps they are not even special agents: special for sure, but not responsible for public order … So between intentional, unintentional and unexpected, stunts, gags, technical virtuosities, as well as close encounters with the public, our special agents will try to do everything possible to keep the situation under control and achieve the desired goal. Despite their efforts, the effect will not be what they want, and all attempts to restore order will inevitably lead to chaos or rather to a real public disorder.

Nanirossi was created in 2003 and is composed of two young artists: Matteo Mazzei and Elena Fresch, who both love circus and theater. Since 2003, they have been working in the Italian “piazzas” and in other events, namely entertaining members of the Cirque du Soleil in Milan (May 2004), performing at the inauguration of the Paralympics –1 in Turin in 2006, and giving performances in many street festivals of arts.

01 July 2018

Sunday oreat 18:30 > 60' entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry

Piazza della Rossa Busca

R4 Fuga per la libertà

Creation and direction Michele Fois, Elena Fresch, Matteo Mazzei

duratalength 60'
lingualanguage spettacolo senza parole
raccomandatorecommended per tutti
generegenre Circo, Teatro di strada
entrata libera / prenotazione su appfree entry

Coproduction Festival Mirabilia