Rafael Sorryso /IT/BR

Made in Honolulu

Compagnia ospite


A comic and funny show where the actor in question, <strong>Rafael Sorryso</strong>, has a look of 360 degrees, improvising and interacting with the audience both theatrically and musically, virtually throughout his performance.

Appropriate for a public of 0 to 99 years.
Rafael defies the gravity from the beginning of his performance to the end, sometimes doing dangerous balances upside down in one arm handstand, sometimes juggling with his various jugglings tools taken by surprise inside his trunk. And then he concludes his performance going up over his pentacyclo (unicycle with 5 wheels), still defying the gravity with a grand finale highest, fiery and breathtaking.

I am Italo-Brazilian, I am 33 years old and live in Turin, Italy. I was born in Brazil where I lived until I finished the university of philosophy. After that, I came to Italy and once here, I heard about the circus school Vertigo, which I finished in 2011. And after that, I continued my studies, and in 2015 I fineshed the school of phisical theather ‘ Atelier Phillip Radice ‘.


Rafael Sorryso - Made in Honolulu
Rafael Sorryso - Made in Honolulu
Rafael Sorryso - Made in Honolulu