Stalker Teatro (Awards) /IT

Drama Sound City

Programmazione IN


A performance with a strong visual and musical impact that appeals to a wide audience, curious and attentive to new things.

A visionary live show, a bridge between electro music and performing art.

04 September 2021

Saturday oreat 23:30 > 55' 8€ /

Cour du Festival Cuneo

Drama Sound City

Concept Gabriele Boccacini
Original score Simone Bosco -Ozmotic
Performers Stefano Bosco, Dario Prazzoli, Elena Pisu
Voice over Adriana Rinaldi Light design: Andrea Sancio Sangiorgi
Production Stalker Teatro Support: Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Turin City Council Awards Selected for GBG 2020 international call (Goteborg -Sweden) First Prize Winner Stazioni d’Emergenza 2018 (Naples –IT)

duratalength 55'
raccomandatorecommended +8 anni
generegenre Teatro contemporaneo, Performing Arts
bigliettoticket 8€